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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with B

If you are searching for the right name for you boy  baby child by B, here is where you should be looking. This is a collection of the best and most popular Babynames. Choose the best name for you baby. Baby names and meanings sorted in alphabetical order to make your search of baby name easier. Boy Baby Pdf Names with Meanings. Let'S Check here Indian Baby Names

List of All Indian Boy Names
Starting with B

We have an exclusive list of Indian baby boy names starting with B or Boys name starting with B. Get the detail of beautiful, traditional, modern and cute Boy name begins with letter B.

B is for bravo and B also represents the first letter of your little wonder's name? Sort out names based on religion, graha, and zodiac signs for those hunting a name with the Stylish letter b. Choose bhadresh, bhavya, bhavesh or Bakir! You can also get naming tips to give your baby an ideal name!

 Here are your search results for Boy Names starting with B.

Baahir Dazzling; Brilliant
Baalaark The rising sun
Baanbhatt Name of an ancient poet
Baanke Bihaari Name of Krishna
Baasim Smiling
Babala Above
Badal Cloud; rain
Badri Lord Vishnu
Badrinath Lord Vishnu
Baha Beautiful; Magnificent
Baha Udeen The magnificent of the Faith
Bahiy Udeen The magnificent of the Faith
Bahubali A Jain Tirthakar
Bahumanya Honoured by many
Bahuleya Lord Kartikeya
Bahurai With great riches
Bajrang A name of Lord Hanuman
Bakhtawar One who brings good luck
Balachandrav The crescent moon
Baladhi Deep insight
Baladhitya The newly risen sun
Balaji Strong
Balakumar Youthful
Balamurugan Young lord murugan
Balan Youthful
Balanath Lord of strength
Balaravi The morning sun
Balbir Strong
Baldev Strong
Balgopal Baby krishna
Balagovind Baby Krishna
Balakrishna Baby Krishna
Balakumara Youthful
Balaraj Strong
Balaram The brother of Lord Krishna
Balasingam Young lion
Balvindra, Balvinder Strong
Balwant Strong
Banbihari Lord Krishna
Bandhu Friend
Bandhul Pleasing
Bankebihari Lord Krishna
Bankim Curved
Bankimchandra Crescent moon
Bansi Flute
Bansilal Lord Krishna; the first lord; Lord Vishnu
Barid Cloud
Baridbaran Colour of the cloud
Barindra The ocean
Barun Lord of the Sea
Basanta Spring
Basavaraj Lord of bulls
Bashir Harbinger of good things
Basistha A sage
Basudha Earth
Bhadrang Beautiful body
Bhadranidhi Treasure of goodness
Bhagaditya The sun which bestows wealth
Bhagat Devotee
Bhagirat With glorious chariot
Bhagyanandana Controller of destiny
Bhajan Adoration
Bhagwant Fortunate
Bhargyaraj Lord of luck
Bhairav Lord Shiva
Bhanu The sun
Bhanudas A devotee of the sun
Bharadwaj A sage; a mythical bird
Bharat Son of Shakuntala and founder of Bharat of India
Bhargava Lord Shiva
Bhaskar The sun
Bhaumik Attached to the earth
Bhavamanyu Creator of universe
Bhavesh Lord Shiva
Bhishma One who has taken a terrible vow
Bhojaraja Lord of generosity
Bhooshan Decoration
Bhooshit Decorated
Bhumi Earth
Bhupathi Lord of the earth
Bhuvanesh The lord of the world Vishnu
Bibek Conscience
Bibhas A raga
Bibhavasu The sun; fire
Bijal Lightning
Bikram Prowess
Bilva A sacred leaf
Bimal Pure
Bipin Forest, free
Birbal Brave heart
Bisaj Lotus
Bishanpal Raised by God
Bishr Joy
Bisujaksha Lord Vishnu
Bitasok One who does not mourn
Bodhan Kindling
Boudhayan The name of a sage
Brahamjeet God\'s triumph
Brahmabrata Ascetic
Brahmadutt Dedicated to Lord Brahma
Bratindra Devoted to right deeds
Brijesh Lord Krishna
Brijmohan Lord Krishna
Buddhadeva Gautama Buddha
Buddhapriya One liked by Buddha
Budhil Learned
Bukka Heart, Loving, Sincere
Burhaan Proof

Find the best Boy Baby Name from this collection of 10000 plus baby names. These boy names with meanings will help your find the perfect name for your son. Boy Name meanings listed in alphabetical Order via B makes it easy for you to select the most beautiful name for your baby boy. List of Hindu boy baby names and girl baby names with meanings. Also get Muslim Boy Baby names and Muslim Girl Baby Names along with name meanings. Also choose names from the biggest collection of christin Boy baby names.


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