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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with J

If you are searching for the right name for you boy  baby child by J, here is where you should be looking. This is a collection of the best and most popular Babynames. Choose the best name for you baby. Baby names and meanings sorted in alphabetical order to make your search of baby name easier. Boy Baby Pdf Names with Meanings. Let'S Check here Indian Baby Names

List of All Indian Boy Names
Starting with J

We have an exclusive list of Indian baby boy names starting with J or Boys name starting with J. Get the detail of beautiful, traditional, modern and cute Boy name begins with letter J.

The jubilant letter of the alphabets has thousands of names in store for the joy in your hands! Pick an easily pronounced name or a planet / zodiac based name! Jitesh, Jaffer, Jamaal, Jinesh all these names have been an all time favorite. Find out a popular name or see how close to popularity is the name you like?

Here are your search results for Boy Names starting with J.

Jaabir Consoler; Comforter
Jaafar Rivulet
Jabbar Barley grower; A peasant
Jacob One who supplants
Jadhav A yadava
Jag Lord Krishna
Jagadbandu The universe,Lord Krishna
Jagachandra Moon of the universe
Jagad Universe
Jagadayu Life spring of the universe
Jagadev Lord of the world
Jagadip Lamp of the universe
Jagadish Lord of the universe
Jagadishwara Lord of the universe
Jagamohana Lord Lrishna
Jagan Universe. world
Jaganmay Spread over the universe
Jagannath Lord Vishnu
Jagath The universe
Jagesh Lord of the world
Jagjeevan Worldly life
Jahan The world
Jai Conqueror
Jaibhusana Ornament of victory
Jaichand Victory of the moon
Jaidayal Victory of kindness
Jaidev Victory of god
Jaidhara Bearer of victory
Jaigath Victorious
Jaigopal Victory of Lord Krishna
Jaigupta Protected by victory
Jaikrishna Victory of Lord krishna
Jaimini An ancient philosopher,Lord Indra’s daughter
Jainarayan Victory
Jaipal Lord Brahma
Jairaj Lord of victory
Jairam Victorious Rama
Jaisal Famous folk
Jaishankar Victory of Lord Shiva
Jaisinha Victorious lion
Jaisukh Joy of winning
Jaitra Leading to vitory
Jaiwant Victory
Jakarious Peaceful friend
Jalbhushan Ornament of water
Jaldev God of water
Jalad Giving water
Jalal Glory
Jalendra Lord of the water
Jalendu Moon in the water
Jalindra Lord of the water
Jalil Revered
Jamadagni Consuming fire
Janak Father of Sita
Janamejay, Janardan Lord Vishnu
Janav Protecting men
Janith Born
Janya Born
Japa Chanting
Japan Muttering prayers
Japendra Lord of chants-Lord Shiva
Japesh Lord of chants-lord Shiva
Jasapal Very famous
Jasamit Protected by fame
Jasbeer Victorious hero
Jashan Celebration
Jashun Celebration
Jaspal Lord Krishna
Jaswant Famous
Jatan Nurturing
Jatin Pertaining ato saint
Jatya Pleasing
Javed Immortal
Javin Swift
Jawahar Jewel,Gem
Jayad Causing victory
Javesh Related to god
Jay Victory
Jayachand Ancient king of Kannauj
Jayaprakash Light of victory
Jayashekhar Crest of victory
Jayawant Victorious
Jayendra Lord of victory
Jayesh Victor
Jayin Conqueror
Jayanta Pleasure of victory
Jeemutbahan Full of life
Jeevan Life
Jehangir Akbar\'s son
Jenya Crue,True
Jhoomer Ornament
Jignesh Curiosity to research
Jihan The world
Jinendra Lord of life
Jishnu Arjuna
Jitendra Conqueror
Jivitesh God
Jnanaprakash Light of knowledge
Jogindra, Joginder Lord Shiva
Jograj Lord Krishna
Jogaraja Lord Shiva
Jugnu a firefly
Jujhar one who struggles
Jusal Pari
Jwalia Lord Shiva
Jyotichandra Splendour
Jyestha Best; Greatest
Jyotiprakash Splendour of the flame
Jyotiranjan Joyous flamae
Jyotirdhar Holder of the flame
Jyotirmoy Lustrous
Jyran Lost love

Find the best Boy Baby Name from this collection of 10000 plus baby names. These boy names with meanings will help your find the perfect name for your son. Boy Name meanings listed in alphabetical Order via J makes it easy for you to select the most beautiful name for your baby boy. List of Hindu boy baby names and girl baby names with meanings. Also get Muslim Boy Baby names and Muslim Girl Baby Names along with name meanings. Also choose names from the biggest collection of christin Boy baby names.


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