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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with V

If you are searching for the right name for you boy  baby child by V, here is where you should be looking. This is a collection of the best and most popular Babynames. Choose the best name for you baby. Baby names and meanings sorted in alphabetical order to make your search of baby name easier. Boy Baby Pdf Names with Meanings. Let'S Check here Indian Baby Names

List of All Indian Boy Names
Starting with V

We have an exclusive list of Indian baby boy names starting with V or Boys name starting with V. Get the detail of beautiful, traditional, modern and cute Boy name begins with letter V.

Here are your search results for Boy Names starting with V.

Your search for the best names for your super baby will end here. No need to worry, as the letter V comes with an astounding range of names for your sweet pie. You can opt from popular names like Vedaant, Vishaal, Vadish to Vibhor,Vyas or Varish. We give all the Indian baby boy names you would like to select from at the ease of a click!

Vaachaspati Lord of speech
Vaageesh Lord of speech
Vagisa Lord of speech
Vachan Speech
Vadiraj King among disputants
Vaibhav Riches
Vaidyanaath Master of medicines
Vaijayi Victor
Vaijnath Lord Shiva
Vaikunth Vaikuntam, the abode of Lord Vishnu
Vajra Lord Krishna\'s greatgrandson; diamond
Vajradhar Lord Indra
Vajrapani Lord Indra
Vajresh Lord Indra
Valavan Skillful
Vallabh Beloved
Vallabhendra Best beloved
Vallabhesvara Most beloved
Valmiki, Valmik The author of the epic Ramayana
Vamana Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Vamadeva Noble Lord, One of the 5 faces of Shiva
Vanajit Lord of the forest
Vardhaman Lord Mahavir
Varadaraja Lord of boons
Vardhana Bestower of prosperity
Varij Lotus
Varindra Lord of the ocean
Varun Lord of the sea
Vasant spring
Vasistha Name of a sage, most excellent
Vasu Divine, precious
Vasudev Father of Lord Krishna
Vatsal Affectionate
Vatsa Child, a descedant of Kanva
Ved A sacred text
Vedmohan Lord Krishna
Vedanga Meaning of Vedas
Vedprakash Light of the Vedas
Vedavrata Vow of the Vedas
Veni Lord Krishna
Veera The brave
Viraj Splendour
Velan Another name for Lord Murugan
Vendan King
Vengai Brave
Venkataraman Incarnation of Vishnu as Lord Rama
Venkatesha Lord Vishnu
Venimadhav Lord Krishna
Venu Flute
Venugopala Lord Krishna
Vetrival Successful
Vibhas Decoration; light
Vibhat Dawn
Vibhishan A character from the epic Ramayana
Vibhore Pleasure
Vibhu All-pervading
Videsh Foreign
Vidur A friend of Lord Krishna
Vidyadhar Learned
Vidyadhara Receptacle of knowledge
Vidyasagar Ocean of learning
Vidyut Lightning
Vighnesh, Vignesh Lord Ganesh
Vihanga Bird
Vihaan Morning time when the sun is about to rise
Vijay Victor
Vijayanatha Lord of Victory
Vijendra, Vijanyendra Victorious
Vikas Development
Vikesh The moon
Vikram Bravery
Vikramaditya A famous king
Vikramajit A famous king
Vikranta brave
Vilas Play
Vilok To see
Vilokan Gaze
Vimal Pure
Vinay Modesty
Vinayak Lord Ganesh
Vineet Unassuming
Vinesh Godly
Vinod Pleasing
Vipin Forest
Viplab Floating; revolution
Vipra A priest
Vipul Plenty
Vir Brave
Virabhadra Distinguished hero
Viral Priceless
Virendra Brave lord
Viresh Brave lord
Virupaksa Diversly eyed
Vishal Immense
Vishwambhar The lord
Vishesh Special
Vishnu Lord Vishnu
Vishram Rest
Vishwamitra A sage
Vishwanath The lord
Vishwesh The lord Almighty
Vismay Surprise
Viswajit Conquerer of Universe
Viswas Trust
Vithala, Vitthal Lord Vishnu
Vivekananda Joy of discrimination
Vivek Conscience
Vrajakishore Lord Krishna
Vrajesh Lord Krishna
Vrajamohan Lord Kirshna
Vrajanadan Lord Krishna
Vrishin Peacock
Vyom Sky
Vyomaang Part of the sky
Vyomakesh Sky like hair
Vyomesh The sun
Vyomdev Lord shiva
Vyasa The author of Mahabharata

Find the best Boy Baby Name from this collection of 10000 plus baby names. These boy names with meanings will help your find the perfect name for your son. Boy Name meanings listed in alphabetical Order via V makes it easy for you to select the most beautiful name for your baby boy. List of Hindu boy baby names and girl baby names with meanings. Also get Muslim Boy Baby names and Muslim Girl Baby Names along with name meanings. Also choose names from the biggest collection of christin Boy baby names.


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