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Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with B

If you are searching for the right name for you Girl baby child by B, here is where you should be looking. This is a collection of the best and most popular Babynames. Choose the best name for you Cute Baby Princess. Baby names and meanings sorted in alphabetical order to make your search of Angel baby name easier. Girls Baby Pdf Names with Meanings. Let'S Check here Indian Baby Names

List of All Indian NewBorn Girl Names
Starting with B

We have an exclusive list of Indian baby Girls names starting with B or Girls name starting with B. Get the detail of beautiful,awesome, traditional, modern and cute Girls name begins with letter B.

Thinking of a blazing name with beautiful letter b for your baby girl? If you find the names bahiyaa, baasima rare you are sure to find banhi rarer. Find the most exceptional names or most fashionable girl names with the letter b in our names list. For your little doll you are sure to find pretty names in our wide-ranging names database.

Here are your search results for Girl Names starting with B.

Babitha Born in the first quarter of an astrological day
Bageshri Name of a raaga
Bahula A star
Bahulika Magnified
Bahumathi Scholar
Bahuputri With many sons, Durga
Bahuratna Rich in gems
Baidehi Sita
Baijayanthi Garland of Lord Vishnu
Bairavi Goddess durga
Baisakhi Of the month Baishakh
Baishali An ancient city
Bakhtawar One who brings good luck
Bakul The name of a flower
Bakula Nagakeshar flower
Bala Girl
Balamani Youthful, tender
Balasandhya Dawn
Ballari Creeper
Banamala Forests
Banani Forests
Bandana Worship
Bandhananashini Detacher Of Attachments
Bandhini Bound, bond
Bandhula Charming
Bandhura Pretty
Banhi Fire
Banhishikha Flame
Banita Woman
Bansari Flute
Bansuri Flute
Barsha Rain
Baruna Wife of the sea lord
Baruni Goddess Durga
Basabi Wife of Lord Indra
Basanti Spring
Bela, Beli A flower-jasmine
Benazir Incomparable
Bhadra Gentle
Bhagavathi Lakshmi
Bhagirathi The river Ganga
Bhagwanti Lucky
Bhagya Lucky
Bhagyalakshmi Goddess of fortune
Bhagyawati, Bhagyashree Fortunate
Bhairavi Goddess Durga
Bhakti Devotion
Bhamini Woman
Bhanavi Sacred, illuminating
Bhanuja River Yamuna
Bhanumati Full of lustre
Bhanupriya Beloved of the sun
Bharani One who fulfils
Bharati Goddess Saraswati
Bhargavi Goddess Parvati
Bhavani Parvathi
Bhavanika Living in a castle
Bhavini Goddess Parvati
Bhavika Well-meaning, righteous
Bhavana, Bhavna Meditation, Thinking
Bhavya Manificent
Bhayanashini Remover Of Fear
Bhilangana A river
Bhoomi The earth
Bhoomika The earth
Bhuvana Being, the earth
Bijli Lightning, bright
Bimala Pure
Bina Melodious
Binal Princess
Binata Wife of Sage Kashyap
Bindiya Small dot
Bindu A drop
Bindumathi Learned
Bindurekha A line of dots, a verse
Binodini Handsome; Beautiful Radha
Bipasha A river, Beas
Bishakha A star
Brahmacharini Seeker Of Brahman
Bratati Creeper
Brijabala Daughter of nature
Brinda The basil plant; Radha
Bulbul A songbird
Bulbuli A songbird

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Find the best Girl Baby Name from this collection of 10000 plus baby names. These Girl names with meanings will help your find the perfect name for your son. Girl Name meanings listed in alphabetical Order via B makes it easy for you to select the most beautiful name for your baby Gril. List of Hindu Girl baby names and girl baby names with meanings. Also get Muslim names along with name meanings. Also choose names from the biggest collection of christin baby names.


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