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Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with M

If you are searching for the right name for you Girl baby child by M, here is where you should be looking. This is a collection of the best and most popular Babynames. Choose the best name for you Cute Baby Princess. Baby names and meanings sorted in alphabetical order to make your search of Angel baby name easier. Girls Baby Pdf Names with Meanings. Let'S Check here Indian Baby Names

List of All Indian NewBorn Girl Names
Starting with M

We have an exclusive list of Indian baby Girls names starting with M or Girls name starting with M. Get the detail of beautiful,awesome, traditional, modern and cute Girls name begins with letter M.

Motherly letter 'M' has been popular with names like Mamta, Manisha, Mayuri,Meena, Madhuri meaning sweet to Mahi meaning the world. Find other magnificent Indian names for your baby girl beginning with the letter m. Sort these names based on graha, luckiness, rarity, popularity or based on mythology.

Here are your search results for Girl Names starting with M.

Maalai Garland of Flowers
Maanika Ruby
Madhavi A creeper with beautiful flowers; springtime
Madhavilata A flowering creeper
Madhu Honey
Mahubala Sweet girl
Madhuchhanda Pleasing metrical composition
Madhuja Made of honey
Madhuksara One who showers honey
Madhula Sweet
Madhulata Sweet creeper
Madhulekha Beautiful
Madhulika Honey
Madhulla Pomegranate
Madhumalati A flowering creeper
Madhumati Full of honey
Madhumita Full of honey
Madhunisha Pleasant night
Madhuparna Tulsi leaf
Madhur Sweet
Madhura Sugar
Madhuri Sweetness
Madhurima Sweetness
Madhushri The spring
Madhuvanthi Who is sweet like honey
Madina Land of beauty
Madira Nectar
Madri Wife of pandu
Madirakshi Woman with intoxicating eyes
Madura A bird
Magadhi Flower
Magana Engrossed
Mahadevi Goddess Parvati
Mahaganga The great ganga
Mahagauri Goddess Durga
Mahajabeen Beautiful
Mahakali Goddess Durga
Mahakanta Earth
Mahalakshmi Goddess Lakshmi
Mahamaya Goddess Durga
Mahasweta Goddess Saraswati
Mahati Great
Mahi Great earth, Heaven and earth conjoined
Mahijuba A hostess
Mahika The earth
Mahima Greatness
Mahitha Greatness
Mahiya Happiness
Mahua An intoxicating flower
Maina A bird
Maithili, Mythili Sita
Maitra Friendly
Maitreya The name of a sage,Friend
Maitreyi A learned woman of the past
Maitri Friendship
Makshi Honeybee
Mala A garland
Malarvili Beautiful eyes like a flower
Malashree An early evening melody
Malati A creeper with fragrant flowers
Malavika A creeper
Malaya A creeper,Fragrant
Maliha Strong, beautiful
Malika A garland
Malina Dark
Malini A garland maker
Malliga Jasmine
Mallika Jasmine; Queen
Mamata Affection
Mana Love, Affection
Manadha Giving honour
Manaka According to the mind
Manana Meditation
Mananya Deserving praises
Manal A bird
Manasa Conceived in the mind
Manasi Mental adoration,Born of the mind
Manasika Of mind
Manali A bird
Manasvi Intelligent
Manavi Wife of Manu
Manayi Wife of Manu
Manda A river
Mandakini A river
Mandakranta A Sanskrit metre
Mandarmalika A garland of celestial
Mandana Cheerful
Mandira Cymbals; home
Mandara Large, Firm
Manditha Adorned
Mandra Pleasant
Mangai Cultured lady
Mangala Auspicious
Mangalya Pious, Pure
Manideepa A lamp of precious stones
Manika Of jewels
Manikuntala One whose hair is like gems
Manimala A string of pearls
Manimekhala A girdle of gems
Manini Self respecting
Manisi Desired by heart
Manisha, Mohisha Intellect
Manisila A jeweled stone
Manisitha Wisdom
Manitha Honoured
Maniya A glass bead
Manjari The sacred basil; blossom
Manjira Ankle-bells
Manjistha Extremely
Manjyot Light of the mind
Manju Sweet
Manjubala A sweet girl
Manjula Sweet
Manjulika A sweet girl
Manjusha Treasure chest
Manjushri Sweet lustre
Manmayi Jealous; Sri Radha
Manohari That which steel the heart
Manorama Beautiful
Manoritha Of the mind
Manthika Thoughtful
Manya Worthy of honour
Marichi Name of a star
Marisa Mother of Daksa
Marudham From the lush green fields
Markandeya A devotee to Lord Shiva,A devotee of Lord Shiva
Marya Mark limit
Masilmani Pure, without any blemishes
Matangi Durga
Maushmi Monsoon wind
Mausami Seasonal
Maya Illusion
Mayil Full of grace, like a peacock
Mayra Beloved
Mayura Illusion
Mayuri Peahen
Mayurika With peacock feathers
Medha Iintellect; Goddess Saraswati
Medhani Of intelligence
Medhya Mighty, clean, fresh
Medini The earth
Meena Precious blue stone
Meenakshi A woman wil beautiful eyes
Meera A saint
Meeta Friend
Megha Cloud,A star
Meghamala Array of clouds
Meghana Cloud
Mehal Cloud
Mehbooba Beloved
Meher Benevolence
Mehrunissa Benevolent
Mehul Cloud; Rain,Rain
Mekhala Girdle
Mena Wife of the Himalayas
Menaka A celestial dancer
Menitha Wise
Menmoli Speaks kindly
Mihika Mist, Fog
Milana Union
Milika Desiring union
Minakshi Fish eyed, Daughter of Kubera
Minal A precious stone
Minati Prayer
Minnoli Brilliant like lightning
Minu A Gem; Precoius stone
Miraya Lord Krishna\'s devotee
Mirium Wished-for child
Mita A friend
Mitali Friendship
Mithi Truthful
Mithra Friend
Mitravinda Possessor of friends
Mohini Enchantress
Mohana Attractive
Mohitha Infatuated
Moksha Salvation
Monisha Lord Krishna
Mridula Soft
Mriganayani Doe-eyed
Mrinal Lotus
Mrinali Lotus
Mrinalika Stem of lotus
Mrinalini Lotus
Mrinmayi Of the earth
Mritsa Good earth
Mrittika Mother earth
Mrudani Another name for parvathi
Mrudu Soft
Mudra Expression
Mudrika Ring
Mugdha Spellbound
Mukta Liberated; Pearl
Mukti Freedom from life and death
Mukul Bud
Mullai Fower with lovely fragrance
Muniya Name of a bird
Muskan Smile
Muthammal Pure, Like a pearl
Mutholi Shines like a pearl
Muthunagai Smiles like a pearl
Mythilli Princess of mithila
Mythily Seeta
Mythri Friendship

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