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Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with V

If you are searching for the right name for you Girl baby child by V, here is where you should be looking. This is a collection of the best and most popular Babynames. Choose the best name for you Cute Baby Princess. Baby names and meanings sorted in alphabetical order to make your search of Angel baby name easier. Girls Baby Pdf Names with Meanings. Let'S Check here Indian Baby Names

List of All Indian NewBorn Girl Names
Starting with V

We have an exclusive list of Indian baby Girls names starting with V or Girls name starting with V. Get the detail of beautiful,awesome, traditional, modern and cute Girls name begins with letter V.

Here are your search results for Girl Names starting with V.
Vaagai Name of a beautiful flower
Vaanadhi Milky way
Vagdevi Goddess Sarawati
Vaanika Sita
Vahini Flowing
Vaidehi Name of Sita
Vaijayanti A garland of Lord Vishnu
Vaijayantimala A garland of Lord Vishnu
Vaishali An ancient city of India
Vaishavi, Vaishnodevi Goddess Parvati
Vallari Goddess Parvati; creeper
Valli Creeper
Vama Woman
Vanadurga Goddess Parvati
Vanaja A forest girl, Blue lotus flower
Vanajaksi Blue lotus eyed
Vanalakshmi Ornament of the forest
Vanamala Garland of forests
Vanani Forest
Vanathi Of the forest
Vanca Wish, desire
Vandana Worship
Vanhi Fire
Vanhishikha Flame
Vani Wish, Desire, Goddess Saraswati
Vanita Woman, Desired
Vanshika Flute
Varada Goddess Lakshmi
Varana A river
Vari Water; sea
Varsha Rain
Varuna Wife of the lord of the sea; name of a river
Varuni Wife of the lord of the sea; Goddess Durga
Vasanti Of spring
Vasavi Wife of Indra, Treasury
Vasudha The earth
Vasuki One who resides under earth
Vasumati The earth, Possessing treasure
Vasundhara The earth, Best of the dieties
Vatsala Affectionate, Tender
Vedavathi Familiar with the vedas
Vedi Altar
Vedika Altar; a river in India
Vedvalli Joy of the Vedas
Veena Lute
Veenapani Goddess Saraswati
Vela Time
Vennela Moon Light
Vetravati A river in India
Vibha Night
Vibhavari Starry night
Vidhi The way
Vibhuti Great personality
Vidula The moon
Vidya Learning
Vidyul Lightning
Vidyut Lightning
Vijaya Victory of Goddess Durga
Vijayalaksmi Goddess of victory
Vijeta Victorious
Vijul A silk-cottom tree
Vilasini Playful, Shining
Vilina Dedicated
Vimala Pure, Clean
Vinaya Modest
Vindhya Knowledge
Vindhyavasini Resident Of The Vindhyas
Vinita Humble, Modest
Vineeta Unassuming
Vinoda, Vinodini Pleasing
Vinutha Exceptionally new
Vipasa A river
Vipula Plenty
Virata Bravery
Vishakha A star
Vishala Wide; spacious
Vishalakshi Large-eyed
Vishaya Subject
Vishnumaya Goddess Parvati
Vishnupriya Goddess Lakshmi
Viveka Right
Vrajabala Girl from Mathura and its neighbourhood
Vrinda Basil; Radha
Vritti Nature; temperament
Vyanjana Rhetorical suggestion

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Find the best Girl Baby Name from this collection of 10000 plus baby names. These Girl names with meanings will help your find the perfect name for your son. Girl Name meanings listed in alphabetical Order via V makes it easy for you to select the most beautiful name for your baby Gril. List of Hindu Girl baby names and girl baby names with meanings. Also get Muslim names along with name meanings. Also choose names from the biggest collection of christin baby names.


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