What is Indian Baby Naming (Namkaran) and How to Do?

Indian baby naamkaran

India is a country of traditions, where the naming of the baby is completed with full custom, just like marriage. Whatever the religion, everyone wants to name their upcoming or born child very attractive.

What is Naming (Namkaran)?

Naming (Namkaran) is a practice that people do to give an identity to his child. Many people in Hinduism do this process of naming with complete law, which is called Namkaran sanskar or naming ceremony.

Naming or Namkaran rites are performed on the tenth or twelfth day of birth, in which the zodiac names of children are kept. In kerala this is conducted on 28 day and called as Noolukettu. The practice of naming has been going on since very old times. In Hinduism, the infant was named after birth from the position of the constellations.

Importance of Naming a Child

The first identity of the child is his name which is associated with him throughout his life. We have to take many things into consideration while naming the child, such as family customs, traditions, social rules and many other things are kept in mind.

Many times the name of the child can be ascertained by his religion because some people also keep the names of children according to their religion.

How to choose a Perfect Baby Name?

Naming a child is a difficult task for any parent. Everyone wants their child’s name to be different.

Before choosing a baby name, keep the following things in mind –

  • You can take help of books present in the market to name your children. All kinds of names and their meanings are present in these books.
  • You can also search for names on the Internet. You can find latest, modern and completely different baby names here. For this, you can also visit the website indianbabynameslist.in. Here you will get a list of the Indian baby names with the letters A to Z.
  • You can name your upcoming child after grandparents or ancestors of the household.
  • The baby name should be meaningful and easy to pronounce.
  • Baby name should be popular and easy to remember.

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